One glance at the voluptuous Elizabeth Hurley and you might well think 49 is the new 30. She’s still that hot.

In The Royals, E!’s saucy new scripted drama (Sundays, 10/9c beginning this weekend), Hurley plays the bitchy Queen of a fictional British family.

Naturally, we asked her about the new show, what makes a man sexy and how to buy swimwear for a dishy bird such as herself.

“For me, sexy is always in the attitude. I like men to be manly, strong and smell nice.”

Tell us what we can expect from The Royals and why we should tune-in?
The Royals is set in modern day England and follows the lives of a fictional British royal family. I play the Queen of England, Queen Helena, who is intelligent, manipulative and extremely dangerous. If you want a fun ride, this is the show for you.

You make for a very sexy queen! How do you define sexy?
Well, thank you very much. For me, sexy is always in the attitude. I like men to be manly, strong and smell nice. 

You look amazingly fit, what do you do to stay in shape?
Thank you again. I’m pretty active and rarely sit still for long, although I don’t do much regulated exercise. I take my five insane dogs on long hikes in the countryside and try to stretch every day.

You have an equally gorgeous daughter in the series played by newcomer Alexandra Park. If a guy wanted to impress his date’s mom, what would you tell him?
Leap to your feet when she walks into the room. Don’t call her by her first name unless invited to do so! And do the dishes!

As a swimwear designer, what’s your best tip for a guy buying a bikini for his date?
First, check out her existing swimwear, in particular a favorite bikini she wears a lot. Note its style. Is it underwired/ padded/strapless or is it a triangle shape? These are vital clues. Now check out her underwear drawer and note sizes of bra and panties.  Look at her closet and note whether she wears bright colors or black. Write all this info down and give it to the nice girl in the swim department and she’ll do the rest for you!

Whenever you are photographed, you are always impeccably dressed. Do you have any style tips for a guy?
First, don’t ever let girls know you think too much about what you wear. Girls like to think you’re naturally stylish and get very turned off by men who talk about clothes—unless you’re talking about clothes you’d like to buy them, in which case they’ll be all ears! Don’t wear too much black if you’re a grown-up as you’ll look like a student or a throwback to Miami Vice. Make sure your shirts are the right collar size—too loose and you like an orphan from Oliver Twist, too tight and you look like a boiled egg. Try to wear cashmere sweaters—all girls like cuddling men who feel expensive.