This isn’t anything like “Toy Story,” for better or worse depending on your age or how high you are. The Secret Life of Toys offers you a short, LEGO-y look into the secret life your seemingly-inaminate toys are leading when you’re out at your 9-5 (or our case when-you-wake-up to whenever).

Focusing mostly on the Star Wars universe, The Secret Life of Toys shows you that not all Vaders are evil, Storm Troopers like to have fun, too, and even Yoda can’t use the force for everything (like making omelets). Check out their site here, or head to their Etsy account for a simplified browsing experience.

Recession Army Clone Vet

Vader Knievel

Housewife of Death Star

Waiting for the Call

I’m Your Father

Hoth Cookies and Milk