With the invasion-themed alien flick Skyline premiering and the recent release of the Battle: Los Angeles trailer, not to mention an alarmingly high occurrence of UFO sightings in recent weeks, it seems that extraterrestrials are once again at the forefront of pop culture. To celebrate the imminent arrival of our alien overlords, we’ve put together a collection of some of our favorite alien-bashing lady badasses. In no particular order, they are:

Sigourney WeaverAlien

Somewhere between hurtling through space and fighting off a murderous extraterrestrial, Sigourney Weaver’s character found a few minutes to look really, really, ridiculously good in a pair of white cotton briefs. We suggest that Hanes put out a bid to supply undergarments to all female astronauts from now on.

Wynona RyderAlien Resurrection

Her character may have turned out to be a robot, but, in a weird way, that really only enhanced her appeal. A girl who can interface with computers? And fight aliens? And, presumably, has an off switch? The future is going to be awesome.

Milla JovovichThe Fifth Element

There’s a good reason every nerd chick for the last 14 Halloweens in a row has toyed with the idea of donning a red wig and wrapping herself in white electrical tape. Men everywhere owe Milla Jovovich a resounding chorus of “Oh my god thank you” for popularizing that particular garment, whatever the hell it is.

Denise RichardsStarship Troopers

She may not have made the most believable solider, but Denise Richards managed to rock the hell out of that army uniform. Things only get steamier once she’s pinned to the ground with a giant spider leg through her shoulder. There’s got to be a porn parody of that somewhere…

Elizabeth Mitchell — “V”

Hands down the hottest MILF ever to lead an armed insurgence against a covert invasion of reptilian space-dwellers.


Crystal ReedSkyline

From what we’ve seen of Skyline, it appears that Crystal Reed’s character spends less time battling the aliens and more time running from them in straight-up crap-your-pants terror. But hey, fear is hot, right? Right? Uh… Okay, we might be revealing too much about ourselves here.

Zoe SaldanaStar Trek

Her role was brief and we never actually see her fighting any aliens, but we’re going to assume that in the expanded universe, Zoe Saldana’s character, Uhura, sets her phaser to kill on more than one occasion.

Carrie FisherStar Wars Trilogy

Any chick who can strangle a slug the size of a car while clad in a metal bikini is the kind of girl we’d want on our side when going head to head against a swarm of invading space pirates/body snatchers/Sith Lords.

Jane FondaBarbarella

The ultimate in sexualized alien slaughter, Jane Fonda’s Barbarella set the bar for all skimpily-clad space babes to follow.