Sucker Punch promises mile-a-minute action, expertly choreographed violence and more giant-robot battles than your average anime series. It also promises a stunning lineup of young actresses, all of whom happen to look very good in fishnet stockings. Before the film debuts this Friday, take some time to familiarize yourself with the cast. These are the ladies of Sucker Punch.

Emily Browning – Baby Doll

You probably haven’t seen much of Emily Browning up until this point, but that’s about to change. With Sucker Punch, Browning is debuting her talent as a leading lady and setting herself up for feature film stardom.

Abbie Cornish – Sweet Pea

Also hailing from the land down under, Abbie Cornish made her way into American theatres a few years back and looks like she’s here to stay. A knockout blonde with the ability to convey tense character drama, Cornish is a delight to watch on and off the screen.

Jamie Chung – Amber

Jamie Chung first caught the public’s attention with her appearance on The Real World: San Diego in 2004. Since then, the California native has built up a sizeable rundown of film and television appearances. Look out for her in The Hangover Part II. She’ll be Ed Helms’ way-too-hot-for-him fiancé.

Vanessa Hudgens – Blondie

Vanessa Hudgens first gained fame (and a degree of notoriety) for her role in the High School Musical series. Fortunately for the entire world, Hudgens has since moved onto less annoying roles, all the while growing exponentially more attractive.

Jena Malone – Rocket

Indie darling Jena Malone has a hell of a resume for an actress her age. At 26, she’s already notched an impressive collection of roles, including notable appearances in cult classics Donnie Darko and Saved. Her role in Sucker Punch marks a slight departure from her typical non-studio film selections, but hey, what actress wouldn’t want to see herself on a 30-foot-tall billboard?

Carla Gugino – Madam Gorski

As one of the film’s primary antagonists, Carla Gugino’s character in Sucker Punch will combine two parts sadism with three parts sexy. Those may or may not add up to five parts sadomasochism. Just saying.