When it comes time to send a buddy into matrimonial slavery in style, some locales are far superior to others. And while Sin City is the first place that comes to mind, it’s hardly the only option for such a momentous event. If you and your crew are willing to travel a bit, here are six fantastic bachelor party spots where every dollar will be well spent. Sorry Sheboygan, Wisconsin, you just missed the cut.

1. Amsterdam

You’ll need to save up some scratch, but there’s a reason this is the go-to spot for British men on their last night of freedom. Yes, there’s the weed and hookers. But Holland produces some other wonderful things too, including soccer teams, bicycles and—best of all—booze. This is where Amstel Light and Heineken come from, after all, and the Nolet Distillery (above) in nearby Schiedam is home to legendary Ketel One. Take the tour, admire the windmill, taste the best vodka on the planet… and then use your newfound sophistication to win over a Dutch model and her friends. Holland’s not bad at producing those, either.

2. Atlantic City

Hey, if it’s good enough for these lovely ladies—dancers at Ivan Kane’s Royal Jelly Burlesque Nightclub at Revel Resorts and Casino—it’s good enough for us. AC is easily accessible from several Northeastern airports and offers many of the same great things Vegas does—gambling, booze and women unencumbered by excessive clothing. Plus, your hangover will feel just a little less painful when you gaze out your window at a gorgeous ocean view. And your bad behavior serves a good cause, helping out an area hard hit by Hurricane Sandy. Now aren’t you a noble fella?

3. Vancouver

vancouver is one of the six best bachelor party cities

We all know about the wonders of Montreal—and its lovely full-contact strippers—but it’s not the only Canadian city that knows how to party. Vancouver is pretty much the Amsterdam of North America, and we don’t just mean the rampant prostitution and basically legal grass. It’s also an amazing playground for grown-ass men who want to have a good time: bars, bars, bars, coupled with great food, a decidedly European feel, gorgeous women and a pretty sweet little ski slope (Grouse Mountain) just north of the city. Fans of Blade Runner and William Gibson take note—Vancouver is the closest you will ever come to entering a cyberpunk novel. We mean that in a good way.

4. Tijuana

tijuana is one of the six best bachelor party cities

We should probably get this out of the way: There’s no donkey show in Tijuana… that’s out in the suburbs. What TJ does have however, are beautiful Latina ladies, a bar every six feet where beer costs about three cents a pint and truly authentic lucha libre. Your stomach probably can’t handle whatever is in the food sold by the side of the road there, so we’d advise packing a sack lunch of PB&J with the crusts cut off. Tip: if someone asks you to carry a package across the border for them, you should politely but firmly refuse.

5. New York City

new york city is one of the six best bachelor party cities

New York, New York, is everything they say  / And no place that I’d rather be / Where else can you do a half a million things / All at a quarter to three”

There is literally nothing you cannot do, see or buy in New York City, and Ol’ Blue Eyes wasn’t kidding when he called it the city that never sleeps: pretty much every bar is open till 4 a.m., and even though Rudy Giulani had to go and clean up Times Square, there are still plenty of fine gentleman’s clubs in and around midtown. Our personal favorite is Rick’s Cabaret, which in the evenings has as many as a hundred showgirls performing at once. And we didn’t even mention the shopping, probably because there are about a thousand more fun things to do there.

6. New Orleans

new orleans is one of the six best bachelor party cities

Even though the city got hit hard by Katrina (and it should but doesn’t go without saying, has not been fully built back up more than five years later), there’s still tons to do and see and drink. You can’t beat the killer Cajun food and live music, and as anyone who’s watched Girls Gone Wild knows, the Big Easy’s version of Mardi Gras (late February/early March) is epic. Skip the Easy Rider thing where you trip balls in a graveyard and cry about how your father doesn’t love you. It’s been done already.