LOS ANGELES — High-tech running kicks are great, but they tend to lose their luster when it rains. And by “lose their luster,” we mean, “suddenly weigh a ton and make us slower than David Ortiz on a routine pop-up.” Thankfully, K-Swiss appears to have solved the problem. They recently invited Made Man to check out the LA Marathon (they’re a major sponsor) and preview their latest running gear. We saw a lot of cool stuff, but the thing that impressed us most is a new waterproofing technology called Ion Masking. Here’s a quick video we shot on-site that shows it in action. (Thanks to PR rep Kaitlin “Nails” Kerns for demonstrating.)

We have no idea how it works, but we’re pretty sure it keeps your feet a lot drier while providing better performance and less sacrifice of dignity than, say, the plastic bag approach in the photo at the top. The feature is currently available on the Kwicky Blade Light, among other models. Hey, if K-Swiss tech is good enough for Kenny Powers, it’s good enough for us.