No, it’s not some new trendy Hollywood club. Neither is it a place of orbital inebriation. The Space Bar is a little invention designed to give you more space on your desktop. Your actual, physical desktop, not the one on the monitor.

It’s easy for your desk to get cluttered; you throw your keys on there, those little yellow post-it notes, a bunch of pens, rubber bands, paperclips. Every inch of space is a commodity. That’s why The Space Bar is so convenient; it acts as a garage for your keyboard. When you’re done typing away, slide it under The Space Bar and pack your desk accessories on top of it. It’s that easy and makes things appear tidy, even if you‘re a slob.

You’re probably thinking you can just build one of these things yourself. But in aluminum it goes perfect with a Mac and even has six, count ‘em: six, USB ports. So unless you know how to build those, you might want to spring for The Space Bar. Plug in your mouse, mp3 player, or digital camera and you have a nice little place for them to sit. You’re set for life in desktop real estate. Just think of what you can fit on there now! A cup to put your change in, a framed picture of Megan Fox, perhaps a tiny plant you’ll forget to water. The possibilities are endless. And all because of The Space Bar. It goes for $42 and can be found here.