Here are some exerpts from BlogMaverick, Mark Cuban’s blog. Here has some very interesting things to say about the Stock Market and other various things . I’ve saved you some time and have tried not to take anything out of context.

1. “Buy and Hold ” is the 2nd most misleading marketing slogan ever, after the brilliant “rinse and repeat” message on every shampoo bottle”.

2. “always have a definite knowledge advantage about the company you are trading, and always remember that every stock transaction has a sucker, and you have to know whether its you or the person on the other side of the trade”

3. ” Funds are in the business of making money for themselves first. You 2nd.”

4. “The stock market is by definition a ponzi scheme. As long as money keeps on coming in, then there is someone to take the stocks from the sellers. If the amount of money coming in is reduced, the stocks, indexes, et al go down”

5. “The wealthy can make the stockmarket work for them. Individuals buying shares of stock in non dividend paying stocks… they work for the stockmarket.

6. “Every year at this time, everyone and anyone who has a vested interest in selling stocks comes out and talks about how great a year its going to be in the stockmarket. Of course its all nonsense and bullshit”

7. “What to do if you want to end this year with more than you started with ?
Simple, avoid risk.”

8. “Evaluate your lifestyle. People forget that sometimes the best investment they can make is in wisely buying things they know they will use. “

9. “Invest in yourself. You Inc is the best stock you can ever buy…if you are willing to do the work”

10. “CEOs can quit. Shareholders cant. CEOs have ridiculous exit packages. Shareholders have nothing but risk exit packages”

Here are some non stock quotes I think are funny.

1.” What is the logic behind making a product impossible to open once you buy it” . (so true, I nearly cut my wrists trying to open those damn plastic formed packages)

2. “if i had no money, i would start a business going door to door with a laptop and a scanner and scanning peoples pictures for a buck a pic for up to 10, then discount from there. Beats the hell out of mowing lawns or shoveling snow and any kid or adult could do it”

3. “The Internet is Boring. Its old news. Web 2.0 ? Not as exciting as going from Dos to Windows. Not by a long shot. Heck, its not as exciting as going from WordStar and all its keyboard combinations to WordStar 2000”

4. ” There is nothing “oh my god” unique that has happened on the net in forever.”