tesla model s and james bond submarine car

We have already documented how impressed we were by the performance of the Tesla Model S during a test drive. Now comes news that in addition to its ridiculous self-driving and acceleration capabilities, the cutting-edge electric vehicle can also, yes, float.

The news comes via a weekend tweet from Elon Musk himself, which perhaps should not be surprising considering he owns James Bond’s submarine car, a custom Lotus Esprit, from The Spy Who Loved Me. Anyway, after video surfaced of a Model S cruising through a flooded tunnel in Kazakhstan, Musk tweeted a link and shared that the car’s drive unit and battery are sealed to keep out liquids. And while he doesn’t recommend hitting open water on the reg, he notes that: “Model S floats well enough to turn it into a boat for short periods of time. Thrust via wheel rotation.”

While this feature appears to be simply a whimsical quirk of the car, it may only be the beginning. Musk is also dreaming of a Tesla Model Submersible, a sub car that can drive on roads. He calls it a “side project” with “limited market potential” but he may just be managing expectations. After all, other fanciful James Bond gadgets like robot dogs and watches with video screens were once considered poppycock too.