Virtual reality just became so real you can almost touch it… or it can touch you, anyway.

The Teslasuit Pioneer Development Kit, now available for pre-order on Kickstarter, is the world’s very first-ever full-body suit that lets you feel the sensations of your virtual surroundings, combined with a VR Headset to completely erase the boundaries between your two worlds. It uses electro-haptic technology to stimulate 52 points on the body through mild electric pulses that deliver a range of sensations from virtual bullet shots to temperature via the climate control system. Made up of a modular system, the suit can be customized to user’s specifications and syncs with any VR Goggles and game consoles. It even boasts a Virtual Meeting feature that allows users to make calls or use webcams to interact with others, which can transmit the sense of touch, hugs and warmth.

Theodore Twombly should have had one of these bad boys in Her, so he could take his relationship with “Samantha” to the next level. We’d rip on it but, then again, Scarlett Johansson could essentially be in you’re living room…