These Men are HUGE. As a matter of fact they are the Tallest living people in the world. Some are just claims and others are proven. Take a look at the Giants of the World.

THE TALLEST: Xi Shun (China, b. 1951), measured 7 ft 8.95 in (2 m 36.1 cm) as a result of six measurements taken on January 15, 2005, at Chifeng City Hospital, Inner Mongolia, China. Xi was normal height until age 16 when his height took off. Doctors who examined him in 2005 discovered no evidence of gigantism or acromegaly. See below for others who claim to be taller or close to.

Hussain Bisad: 7′ 9 inches and still growing. Has size 26 shoes. Has a great shot at taking the title if he doesn’t treat his pituitary disease. He also won’t live very long if he doesn’t.

Sultan Kosen: Turkish Basketball player is 8’0″ and growing. Can dunk on his tippy toes.

Leonid Stadnyk (Stadnik) Is measured at 8’4″ and still growing. At 440 lbs, he refuses to be measured by Guiness because he says he doesn’t want the publicity. Yeah, who missed a man over 8 feet tall? People still consider him the tallest living man. Thinks he is punished by God

Ajaz Ahmed A Pakastani who claims to be 8’4″ but again is unverified. (No Photo)

Mounir Fourar: This Tunisian claims to be 8’5″ and size 27 shoes. I definitely believe him about the shoes. Big man but I’m guessing 7’11”.

Vikas Uppal

Tallest Indian at 8′ 3″ and only 21 years old. Not much reported about him since 1994

Ghulam Shabbir: Used to claim he was 8ft3.75 with a weight of 385 Lbs, He now touts himself as “The Second tallest Pakistani” at 7′ 8″ I’m not sure which of the other Pakistanis are first.

Aurangzeb Khan:
Another Pakistani who claims to be 8 feet tall.


Radhouane Charbib (Tunisia): Used to be the Guiness Record holder until he was beat out by 2 mm by Xi. Can’t find a photo of him anywhere that’s any good.