Here are my favorites in order. Some look a bit dated now but they are all still great looking pieces of equipment. Hands down for me the ImacG4 is the sweetest ever. When it dies it will stay on the desk. I just think it looks that nice. Of course my opinion and everyone has their own.

1. iMac G4 (dome Imac)
2. Wood Box Original Apple (love the wood but it was only a board so had to make own box )
3. Powerbook Titanium (despite paint chips)
4. G4 Cube (even makes a great fishtank)
5. Powerbook G4
6. iMac G5 (all in one in clean white)
7. iBook 12″ Ice
8. Apple Lisa (I thought it looked so “Hi Tech”)
9. Anniversary Mac (just think how cool it was at the time)
10. The SE/30 (one nice looking box)