Watch the trailer for The Transporter Refueled and you’ll notice a few things: Fast cars flying across the screen. English rapper Ed Skrein kicking ass and cracking wise. And a trio of hot blondes demanding your attention. Especially the one sitting shotgun.

That’s French actress, artist and model Loan Chabanol—who, spoiler alert, is actually a brunette. It’s quite a shift for a performer who has worked with Woody Allen and Paul Haggis, but Chabanol is nothing if not versatile. The lovely L’Oréal ambassador is also a Thai boxer with a solo art show opening this month in New York City, after all.

With the movie hitting theaters this week, we sat down with her to talk action, passion and why it pays to drive well…

“A guy who just really drives well, and even fast, is just really cool. Not that it’s a number one thing for me to fall for a guy. I’m a little deeper than that, but hey, I’m always going to go for a fun time.”

So, let’s talk about this movie. Your previous film work has been more artsy stuff. What interested you about this project?
It’s an action movie. It’s very different. It’s entertaining. When I read the script and I saw my character, I fell in love with her. She’s very different from the other type of female leads you had in action films, especially in The Transporter, so I was really attracted to her.

Because she’s, what, more active?
She’s a mysterious, tough, kind of manipulative woman. She’s very smart, and she’s a leader, so it’s really cool.

For how much of the movie are you in a blonde wig?
Oh, half and half, blonde and brunette. I was blonde three years ago, and I had really short hair like a little boy. I like to change looks and cut hair and change.

What was the most fun part of doing this movie?
The action side. You get to shoot in great locations. We shot in France. We shot in Paris, and we shot in Cote d’Azur next to the Riviera. So it was great, me as a French girl being able to shoot in my country, in this beautiful landscape, and doing action scenes.

They actually cast a French girl in a movie that’s set in France. That’s a good move.
Yeah. I think it’s really cool. It’s hard to find a French girl who can speak English fluently, and I’ve been going to the US for a long time, so maybe that also helped me to get the part.

What would you say, especially to guys, about why they should go see this movie?
Well, mainly the action and fighting and sexy girls. The storyline is great, and there’s beautiful women, and it’s just fun.

Cool cars are part of the movie too. Does a guy with a nice ride do anything for you?
I thought I would never say that, but yeah, a guy who just really drives well, and even fast, is just really cool. Not that it’s a number one thing for me to fall for a guy. I’m a little deeper than that, but hey, I’m always going to go for a fun time. It’s like jumping out of an airplane and going on a speedboat. It’s a lot of adrenaline that you cannot deny. No one can. You can say I don’t like it, but even if I say I don’t like it, I had to be in the car. I did all that stuff. It was great.

What other qualities do you kind of value in a guy?
Honesty is number one before anything else. Before the way you look, before anything. I hate lies. If you’re honest, I will never have a problem about who you are.

Any other things?
Yeah. Passionate and likes challenges and tries to do things. You don’t always accomplish things, but hey, you tried to do it. I mean, I was always surrounded by artists, people who are just very creative. I relate to that a lot, but again, it depends on the person. I can meet someone who’s working in an office, but is different, super passionate about something, and think, hey, that’s so cool.

What would you say is your ideal first date?
You know, I’m just very boring and simple. Take me out for an ice cream and I’d be very happy. I love food, so if you take me to food, it might just help.

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