The Hawk 3-wheeled concept car from Kiwi designer Alex Hodge (only 22 years old) isn’t going to be hitting the production line anytime soon.  Which is too bad because not only does it look great, it’d be fast and fuel efficient to boot. 

This vehicle has a fiberglass body and a pod-style cockpit.  This is powered by a 999cc V-twin engine capable of pushing it to 144 miles per hour. However you feel about going that fast with only a thin layer of plastic or safety glass between you and the bumper of a semi truck, you’d look good until you crashed at least. 

There are rumors, innuendoes and congressional legislation, though, suggesting that you may see this vehicle (or, more likely, the Aptera) sooner rather than later.  The Innovative Vehicles Act has been introduced to congress in order to facilitate the production of precisely the type of wacky vehicle that the Hawk exemplifies.