In the history or bad license plate assignments, this guy might have the worst ever.

History is not as you thought. The 20 Greatest History Myths.

This is VERY important. A Guide to Wearing Nipple Tassels (NSFW)

We may eventually be able to SCUBA divewith no air tanks. New Invention

Top 10 Firefox Extensions. Are there even any extensions for Internet Explorer?

Shutdown day is today but then again if you are reading this than you didn’t participate.

One of the hottest computer programmers you’ll meet.

I love the marathon but think I may need to stretch it out a bit. Here is one I have my eye on, the Spartathalon. It’s 152 miles. Now that is a challenge.

You Have to see this on going joke at Amazon. TOP PICK TO CLICK

I don’t think you want to know but just in case you do. The ingredients of a Chicken McNugget

Abigail Clancy. Hot as a hot lady can get.