Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed the challenging process of narrowing down your list of buddies to a set of loyal groomsmen. The wedding party is officially set and everyone is happy! But if you think your work is done, you had better think again. Because you’ve just signed up for the fun—and seemingly constant job of keeping this motley crew of characters you’ve assembled on task in the months and weeks leading up to your big day.

Pulling off a successful wedding is truly a team effort, and your groomsmen are like the offensive line of that team. They’re the guys who are going to be with you in the trenches (aka at the altar), and they’re the ones who will ultimately be responsible for making sure things run smoothly on the big day. With that being said, they’re still going to need somebody to call the plays in the huddle and lead the team to victory! By following these six simple tips you’ll ensure that everyone knows the snap count and executes their blocking assignment to perfection.

Watch the play clock. No matter what you’re asking your groomsmen to do for you—get fitted for a tuxedo, book travel arrangements or plan a bachelor party—make sure you give everybody enough time to complete the task at hand. Everyone has their own busy schedule to contend with, so the more of a heads up you can give people, the better. After all, they are doing you the favor!

“Common perception is that the best man and groomsmen are all guys. However, if you have a lifelong friend who happens to be a woman, don’t be afraid to ask her to serve on your side of the aisle.”
– Chris Easter, editor-in-chief of and author of “Be The Man”

Communication is key. It’s important that all your groomsmen be on the same page about what needs to get done, and when it needs to get done by. By keeping the lines of communication open you’ll be able to ensure everyone has the info they need to be successful on the field. E-mails to the group are great way to provide everyone with the same information at once. But don’t stop there. Texts, Tweets, Facebook posts and other e-reminders are all great ways to message your team en masse. And never under estimate the power of a good old fashioned phone call.

Check in with your players. Just sending out a well written e-mail detailing exactly where you’re groomsmen need to go, what they need to do, and when they need to do it by, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to drop everything and jump to! This wedding may be the most important thing in your life. But your friends have jobs, families and fantasy football rosters to worry about, on top of all these new responsibilities you’re heaping on them. It’s never a bad idea to check in on their progress, and ask if they have any questions about things. This will serve as a gentle reminder for them to get on the ball, without you having to seem like a nagging mom. More importantly, it will provide you with a good opportunity to express to them how much you appreciate their friendship.


Rely on your captain. If your groomsmen are the heart of the team, then your best man is definitely the team captain. As the leader of the group your best man has some added responsibilities, and one of them is to help corral and keep the other groomsmen on task. Hopefully you can count on him to lead by example and encourage the other guys to take care of their business in a timely manner. If nothing else, you should at least be able to count on your best man to plan a kick-ass bachelor party.

Play the role of oddsmaker. Do your friends like to gamble? Of course they do! So turn their various groomsmen duties into a game, and then set odds and take bets to see who will complete that given task first. For example, the task of getting five grown men to each set aside the time, and money, for a fun-filled day of tuxedo fitting will be harder than you can imagine. Even the threat of missing the fitting deadline often won’t be enough motivation. There will always be a couple guys who wait until the last minute. But if your best friend suddenly finds out you think he is a 50:1 shot to get fitted for his tuxedo first, he might just be motivated to try and prove you wrong. If nothing else, he definitely won’t want the distinction of being the last place horse. Set odds on each of your groomsmen, and include your predictions in the next e-mail. You’re guaranteed to stimulate some friendly competition—and maybe even some extra cash!

Have faith in your teammates. Remember, these guys are your best friends, and they realize that this will be the most important day of your life. With that in mind, they won’t want to do anything to let you down or, worse yet, disappoint your bride. You’ve been through a lot with this group of guys, so have faith in your teammates and just know that they’ll have your back ‘til death do you part!

-J. Morgan