An interesting letter in an advice column on today. A reader writes to an advice guru distraught over his wife blabbing to her money grubbing relatives about her family’s personal finances. Sounds like there might be some other issues involved:

Question: I love my wife, but her inability to keep her mouth shut about money has become a real problem. She’s got a couple of relatives whose hands come out whenever they hear that I’ve gotten a raise or that we’ve treated ourselves, for example, to a big screen TV. I handle our finances, and I’m beginning to think I shouldn’t be telling Heather as much about them as I do. Under the circumstances, would this be wrong?

The typical ‘communication is the key to any good relationship’ crap is rolled out as an answer. The all-knowing advice givers explain that speaking honestly and being upfront is the best possible solution.

I’m not sure if this is the best technique, maybe using immaturity and rash thinking would be a better way to deal with Heather? How about divulging embarrassing personal secrets from the bedroom or unnecessary menstrual cycle details?

There’s really nothing more uncomfortable than getting hit up for a few bucks by everyone’s least favorite alcoholic, Uncle Al. And with all those July 4th, Memorial Day, and Softball Sunday family BBQs coming up, this is probably one of the most inopportune times to be trying to dodge the ‘lend-me’ bullet.

This man’s situation builds a strong case for the ‘separate family’ strategy. You see, the trick here is to have two separate families going on at the exact same time. I’m not really sure the logistics of it, but it has something to do with a lot of golf trips and business travel. And fake names are probably a must as well. But either way if you can pull all of that off, I’m sure keeping financial matters a secret is real easy.

Got any other tips for this poor guy with the yappy wife? Let us know in the comments section.

CNNMoney: My Wife Can’t Keep a Secret About Money, May 12, 2008