As far as untamed digital landscapes go, the TRON world ain’t so bad. Sure, you might have to fight off the occasional cyber warrior, regularly be forced to race motorcycles through a maze of deadly obstacles and eventually come to terms with the fact that you’re living in a computer program, but dude — there are hot chicks. We present for your consideration, the women of TRON:

Olivia Wilde

The official poster girl of TRON: Legacy, Olivia Wilde is the de facto driving force behind the film’s sex appeal. Ten points to casting director.

Beau Garrett

As the leader of the Sirens, a group of seductive weapons experts who inhabit the TRON world, Beau Garrett’s character isn’t just a pretty face: She’s a pretty face who could take you down with insane digital karate skills.

Yaya DaCosta

A former “America’s Next Top Model” contestant, Yaya DaCosta is professionally trained in the art of being good-looking. For her sake, we hope she’s also professionally trained in the art of fending off love-struck science fiction nerds.

Serinda Swan

If you’re a gambling man, you might recognize Serinda Swan as that cute chick from the Absolute Poker commercials. If you’re not a gambling man, you might recognize her as that cute chick from anything else she has ever been in.

Elizabeth Mathis

Three words to describe Elizabeth Mathis: Attractive, female, in-the-new-TRON-movie. We’ll leave it at that.

Christine Adams

She’s from England, so Christine Adams has one of those awesome British accents we American lads tend to adore so much. That’s not to say we don’t like American girls — it’s just be cool if they talked all fancy-like.


Amy Estrele

Amy Esterle has, at various times, body doubled for Angelina Jolie, Jamie King and Tricia Helfer. If you need to know more than that, your priorities are out of line.

Cindy Morgan

Cincy Morgan is the original lady of TRON — an eighties sex symbol who effectively set the bar for all TRON girls to follow. Here’s to you, Ms. Morgan. We geeks love you more than you will know.