Some bars are stranger than others. For example, if a bar has a dozen taps, sports on TV and nachos, it’s pretty normal. If your bar looks like a skeleton or resides inside a tree, it’s less normal. And that’s just a small sample of how less normal things can get. So read on for the 10 weirdest bars in the world. Then pack your bags and figure out a way to get to every single one of them!


Baobab Tree Bar, Modjadjiskloof, South Africa
The Sunland “Big Baobab” is the largest such tree in the world, measuring in at 154 feet in circumference and 35 feet wide. So that’s plenty of space to step inside the hollow trunk and have a beer. Which is exactly what people have been doing since the pub was established in 1933. Kind of makes your childhood tree house seem a bit lame by comparison. Ph: 082-413-2228

HR Giger Bar, Gruyeres, Switzerland
This skeletal bar features vertebrae archways, rib cage chairs and table legs that resemble actual leg bones. It’s part of the museum dedicated to the Swiss surrealist painter, and it leaves you feeling like you just entered an alien lair or the belly of a literal beast. But one that serves drinks and is quite hospitable. Ph: 410-269-212-200

Eternity, Truskavets, Ukraine
It’s a bar inside a giant coffin. Pretty strange. But that’s undertaker humor for you (it’s run by a local funeral parlor). The pine box of a bar is a sizeable 20 meters long, six meters wide and six meters high, so spread out, make yourself as comfortable as one could possibly be in such a place and have a drink amidst the morbid décor.

Vibe Bar, Tokyo
If there were going to be a bar stocked full of vibrators, it would be in Japan. These are the rules we live by. And they’re followed closely at Vibe Bar. Walk through the flower (it’s a vagina)-shaped doorway, and you’re ready to look, touch and possibly even buy one of more than 300 sex toys. All while having a drink, of course. Actually, you’d better make that three drinks. Ph: 81-3-5456-1100

Jumbo Stay, Stockholm
Part hotel, part bar, Jumbo Stay is where to be if you’re really into aviation. Because here you can hang out and drink inside a converted 747. It’s located right by the Stockholm airport, which seems fitting. So if you’ve got a layover and need a quick aquavit-spiked pick-me-up, now you know just the place. Ph: 46-08-593-604-00

Miniscule of Sound, Various Locations
Welcome to the “world’s smallest nightclub.” This miniature operation started in London and has since popped up across the globe at festivals and events. The tiny bar typically sports a maximum capacity of eight to 14 people, including the DJ, in an area not much bigger than a closet. So prepare for some very snug dancing. Ph: 44-7748-242-985

Unicorn, Seattle
If you took acid at a carnival, you might better understand what’s happening here. But instead, we’ll just explain it. Unicorn is a very themed bar wherein bright colors, pinball machines, photo booths, taxidermy and corn dogs coexist. And drinks are named things like Moustache Ride and Unicorn Jizz. So maybe just get a beer. Ph: 206-325-6492

The Lock-Up, Tokyo
It’s an izakaya (a Japanese drinks-and-snacks spot) that looks and feels like a prison. Which means you’ll be eating and drinking behind iron bars. But first, you must be led to your cell, which involves being handcuffed to and escorted by an attractive lady cop. Just know to expect some flashing sirens and occasional “prison breaks” in the form of rampaging prisoners. It’s all part of the fun. Ph: 81-3-5728-7731

The Lovecraft Bar, Portland, Oregon
It’s described as a “horror-themed dance bar.” So, consider yourself warned. And once inside, this hangout has a bit of everything, including H.P. Lovecraft memorabilia, a penchant for sci-fi, severed doll head décor and events ranging from drag shows to tarot card readings. Plus plenty of booze to make it all work. Ph: 971-270-7760

Donny Dirk’s Zombie Den, Minneapolis
This divey cocktail lounge is exactly where you want to be for the zombie apocalypse. Partly because there’s a chainsaw behind breakable glass that’s ready to be wielded at a moment’s notice. And partly because the barkeeps are dressed like Simon Pegg in Shaun of the Dead, with white shirts, red ties and blood stains. But mostly because this zombie-themed bar has quality drinks that need drinking. And the zombies can’t get you if you stay indoors and fill your bloodstream with barrel-proof whiskey. Ph: 612-588-9700