Things don’t get much better than a nice cold six-pack of beer to start off the weekend. Looks like AOL Canada has a taste for the good stuff though. Nerds!

InBev, the Belgian brewers of Stella Artois, have been in the news a lot recently for their attempts to takeover Anheuser-Busch and “destroy the American dream” somehow.

These drunken captains of industry aren’t all bad though, they created a six-pack of 1.5 liter magnum-sized Stella Artois Nobilis bottles that was auctioned for charity. That’s something we can all feel good about, right?

When AOL Canada, the highest bidder, bought the pricey brews, they became the owners of the world’s most expensive six-pack – valued at $14,851 ($15k Canadian). I didn’t think I could imagine something lamer than AOL in this high-speed internet world, but apparently AOL Canada takes the cake. (click on article title for more details in full post)

As if the ginormous quantities this six-pack includes were not enough, a whole bunch of celebrities signed the bottles too. Angelina Jolie, Kate Hudson, Woody Harrelson, Charlize Theron, Bo Derek and Samuel L. Jackson each scrawled their John Hancocks on the bottles.

The charity benefiting this feat of opulence is WildAid, an organization dedicated to stopping the demand for endangered species products. Not sure I understand that one. Like, no more manatee or grey wolf t-shirts? Someone should have a long talk with this sick bastard then.

AOL Canada claim the company’s staff will be drinking the bottles at this year’s holiday party. But I have a feeling some alcoholic CEO will be be having a long private moment in his office Saturday night with these sturdy long-necks. Cheers, mate! Six-pack, July 11, 2008