Chuck Palahniuk captured the literary world’s attention with his novel “Fight Club”, but once you’re done plowing through that, there are five others books written by him that every man should read. In an industry where many books are written for <a href='‘ class=’linkify’ target=’_blank’>women, Palahniuk brings a style to the table that is shaped just for what men crave. His gritty humor along with the change of pace from one novel to the next will give you a glimpse of his unique perspective on the world.


“Choke”. This novel is not for men who crave a proper existence because the plot centers around a character who purposely chokes in public places just to get into new relationships with the people who save him. Look elsewhere for a character you can relate to and don’t forget to watch the movie when you’ve finished reading.


“Snuff”. On the surface, this might seem like a novel about the porn industry. But once you enter a world in which men are lined up in order to be cogs in a porn record, you’ll see that they relate to each other in similar way to you and your buddies. It takes a whole new look at a world you thought you already knew about.



“Damned”. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to end up in Hell, Chuck Palahniuk has you covered. When a teenage girl dies and ends up in the underworld, the story is just getting started. Just when you thought the story couldn’t get any darker, the humor sets in to crack up readers.


“Tell-All”. You’ve probably seen and heard the early days of Hollywood glamorized and admired before. However, don’t expect Chuck Palahniuk to do the same when you read this novel about Hollywood’s twisted side. Just when you think you have a handle on the plot, you get to concepts that you didn’t think would ever show up in a novel.


“Diary”. This sounds like the kind of book a young girl would read, right? Wrong. This diary is all about sickness, death, and some of the strangest characters you’ll ever meet. If you’re looking for a weird take on what happens to failed dreams, this is the place to start.