Attention, fans of light beer and amusing/expensive commercials about light beer: There’s a new Most Interesting Man in the World. We’ll let you watch the video below and draw your own conclusions about the new gent (who replaces the former Most Interesting Man in the World, who of course took a one-way flight to Mars with a beautiful woman), but here are a few of our quick takeaways:

>>He’s strange-looking. Something about his eyes. Or his nose. He’s a bit goofy in appearance. Like a handsomer, tanner, taller Steve Buscemi circa Reservoir Dogs.

>>We certainly like the woman he’s with. Good casting there.

>>At least he’s not the bartender. We were worried about that for a second.

>>We’re a little bummed he’s too much like the old Most Interesting Man in the World. In the end, they’re both handsome, Latin-appearing men. (Although the old one was in fact a Jewish American, Jonathan Goldsmith.) This one is played by actor Augustin Legrand. (Who is actually French.)

How cool would it have been if the new Most Interesting Man in the World were black? Or Asian? Or… a woman?! What if it had been Caitlyn Jenner? OK, not Caitlyn Jenner. But you get the idea. Something a little more outside the box. Less predictable. But we suppose Dos Equis doesn’t want to stray too far from its Mexican/Latin roots.

At any rate, we imagine it’s got to be tough following a legend like the original Most Interesting Man in the World. Good luck to the copywriters at Dos Equis topping that ad campaign. And good luck to you, Augustin.

Or should we say: Vaya con Dios.