These six workout apps will get you swole, but you better be ready to work for it. The apps are a great workout aid and will help motivate you and keep you on track.



Vitogo.” If you’re nowhere near buff, this workout app is a great place to start. You add all your fitness information to determine your level. Then, the app gives you a custom plan for strength training. Simple as that!



iFitness.” Once you start feeling your muscles get stronger, you can move onto “iFitness.” This app has hundreds of moves that you can sort by specific muscle group. Plus, this workout app will even create challenging workouts for you.



FitnessBuilder.” This is another workout intensive app. It includes hundreds of exercises and workouts, and again, the app will create a specific routine for your fitness level and goals. Images and videos ensure you never go wrong.



“Gym Ball Workouts.” Getting fully swole means working on your core. And there’s no better way to do that than a gym ball, also known as destabilizing balls. There’s tons of full workouts that will blast your abs to the best shape of your life.



RunKeeper.” Getting swole also means doing cardio workouts. You won’t be able to love the extra fat without them. “RunKeeper” includes a GPS and will help you track all your cardio workouts, including basic runs, hikes and bike rides. You can even track walks.


Fitbit.” Now that you’re on your way to getting ripped, stay organized and motivated with “Fitbit.” With this workout app, you can keep all your progress in one place. Keep track of your weight, hours exercised, heart rate during activities and more. Think of this app as your partner in getting swole!