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Rules, rules, rules. People have rules for everything. Have you ever sat back and thought about exactly why rules exist in the first place? Well, rules are set in place because people as a whole realized that these guidelines make certain things easier, certain scenarios more bearable, etc. Rules make things more uniform. And yes, people even have rules for the dating game. What a bore. Seriously, the only real rule with dating and relationships, or affairs of the heart in general is that there are no concrete rules. The guy that spends all his life adhering to rules about dating is the guy that has a date with the Internet every night. Yes, certain guidelines can help you out, but don’t feel the need to follow these four rules.

The three day rule.

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The guy that came up with this rule is an idiot. You know the rule. You can’t call a girl you’ve met for at least three days after the initial meeting. Some people say two days. Other morons say a week. Really? You’re really going to wait a week to call a girl you really liked? How idiotic. She’s going to think you’re not interested. If you guys really hit it off, what’s the problem with calling her the next day (just as long as you don’t go all stalker on her)? Rip this page out of your mental dating manual right now, or run the risk of losing her before you even get her. Unless…you’re one of those guys that LIKES Friday night date night with porn.

Playing it safe.

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Most people play it safe on their first few dates with a new person. What a friggin snore fest. Shake things up. If you know she’s into something other than a boring dinner and movie combo, do that instead. It’ll show you pay attention to her, and it’ll make a much more lasting impression than cold pasta and a boring chick flick. Save that stuff for a lazy Sunday afternoon, months from now, after you’re married. You don’t have to throw her out of a plane on your first date, but sitting and watching paint dry isn’t cool either.

Not showing affection. If you guys have an instant attraction, an inexplicable spark, go with it. If your emotions mirror hers, and those collective feelings make you both want to display it, then go for it. Life’s too short to pretend. Hold hands. Kiss in public, Give your heart the freedom to breathe… to a point of course. Stop worrying about conforming to social norms and worry about the woman you’re with. Anybody that can’t appreciate fresh love is either dead or has other internal issues that have nothing to do with you. Plus, public displays of affection equal private horizontal dancing.

Being cool.

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Everyone tries to put their best foot forward when they meet someone new and begin dating. The problem is, many of you try too damn hard. Many of you pretend to be something you’re not in an attempt to impress the apple of your eye. But, how could faking and pretending be better than showing her the real you, minus the excessive belching and farting of course. Never change yourself to impress another. You’ll never find happiness this way. So take off those silly aviator glasses, those incredibly tight skinny jeans and just be yourself!