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These football players are insane for having these seven NFL tattoos. Tattoos can be insane for a few different reasons. They can feature an exceptionally strange image or message, or they can be in a location that we can all assume would be exceptionally painful. No matter what your definition of an insane tattoo is, it would be hard to argue that these seven football players weren’t pushing their sanity a little when they sat down for some permanent ink.


Isaiah Stanback.jpg

Isaiah Stanback’s chest tattoo. One look at this monster ink, and there’s no denying that this football player is insane for having it! Stanback chose to have this very strange symbol plastered literally all the way across his odd-shaped chest. Not only does this tattoo look like it caused some pain, it’s also quite an eyesore. The symbol’s meaning is unclear, but the insanity of it is permanent.


andrew quarless.jpg

Andrew Quarless and “God’s Gift.” This tattoo made the list of insane NFL tattoos because of its egotistical message. Across his triceps, Quarless asked to be inked with the phrase “God’s Gift,” one word along each arm. His record in the NFL is respectable but not phenomenal, making the decision to flaunt this phrase forever even more insane.


Brian Urlacher.jpg

Brian Urlacher and barbed wire. While many people choose to adorn themselves with a barbed wire tattoo, Urlacher’s choice still makes the list for ink insanity. His pale skin causes the wire image to stick out like a sore thumb and the location prevents it from being covered up by his NFL jersey while on the field. Again, this might not be an unusual design, but the trashy factor still makes it insane for a professional football player.


Devin Thomas.jpg

Devin Thomas’ tribute to Schwarzenegger. You read that right. Along his torso, Thomas has the absolutely insane tattoo of Schwarzenegger’s depiction of Conan and a bikini-clad woman who Conan appears to be either conquering or rescuing. The strangeness of this tattoo choice really needs no words.


Jeremy Shockey.jpg

Jeremy Shockey and the eagle. Shockey’s eagle is another insane tattoo choice that needs very little explanation. It’s a cartoon image of an eagle covering nearly his entire arm. It’s also very visible in uniform. The bright colors make this tattoo particuarly noticeable, and while it might be patriotic, that doesn’t mean it’s not insane.


Shawne Merriman.jpg

“Lights out,” Shawne Merriman. “Lights out” might be a cool catchphrase, but it does’t really make a good visual. In addition to tattooing the words on his arm, Merriman decided to take it a step further and got a picture of the phrase too. No, not a picture of him knocking someone’s lights out. A picture of a cartoon hand turning out a light switch – a truly insane choice.


Vince Young.JPG

Vince Young’s back tattoo. For the epitome of all insane back tattoos, look no further than Vince Young. This massive ink features an enormously oversized cross and his name, “V. Young.” It might be meant to mock his jersey or he could just like the way his name looks across his back. Either way, this NFL player certainly has one insane tattoo.