Plastered all over the this morning are these ads for McCain potatoes. Let the confusion begin.

You see, McCain, the Canadian food company that specializes in potato products which include sweet potato fries, trans-fat free frozen french fries, and the oh-so-adorable smile fries, has launched a major ad campaign to capitalize on all the Decision 2008 Election News with Republican candidate John McCain. He is not at all involved in the potato business.

The advertisement ‘campaign’ was created by Chicago-based ad agency Schafer Condon Carter and features slogans like ‘McCain goes to war over oil’ (hence the trans-fat free mantra) and ‘Why McCain should be in the White House’ with logos and fonts very similar to John’s star on black ‘Country First’ banners (comparison after the jump):

Does anyone else think this might be kind of confusing with so many new voters and cynical readers paying close attention to each candidate’s attack ads? Remember when John McCain accidentally ran that ad claiming he won the debate the day before the debate happened? What if McCain potatoes was audacious enough to do the same thing?! Think of the anarchy! (UPDATE: I just googled ‘McCain’ and the food company doesn’t show up until the top of the 3rd page of results, so maybe this won’t be the ‘widespread anarchy’ I was envisioning.)

Also be sure to check out all the corny, fake PNN [Potato New Network] coverage that the potato brand has created on its website. Anyone else think that PNN anchor dude is doing a terrible Will Ferrell impersonation?

So what’s your opinion: clever marketing campaign or confusion causing nightmare amidst a historic election?