I learned a bunch of things in 2006. Ask anyone that knows me and they will tell you I’m too honest. Ask most people what they want for the New Year and you’ll get world peace, a million dollars, a hot girlfriend, financial stability, good health. My personal wish would that everyone would develop a sense of personal responsibility. People have decided they are no longer in charge of their lives. It’s everyone’s fault but their own. There is always a reason for something but it is never anything they did personally. So this is my wish and now here are the other things I learned in 2006.

1. I WILL lose my hair. I use to think that only my friends were going to lose their hair and mine would stay thick and full. This all changed in one year. Hello Rogaine

2. Running has nothing to do with age. The fastest age group in running is 40-45. Yes it is easier to place in the 35-40 year old age group than it is 40-45. Keep in good shape and you can run until you are 60 easily.

3. Running does not hurt your knees. To go with above. The BS about running hurting your knees is a flat out lie. Yes you need to get off the pavement but what is worse , 45 minutes a day running or 24 hours a day carrying 20 extra pound around. Carry a 20 pound bag of sand and then give me an answer.

4. Everyone needs a hobby. People are happier when they have something to do besides work and family.

5. You can’t read every blog out there. There are just too many. Pick your favorites read them and then spend the last few minutes exploring for new ones.

6. MyBlogLog is awesome. I’m glad I got in on it early as I think it is going to be huge. I wish I was an investor.

7. I like girl celebrity blog writers better than gay ones. Keep Pink is the New Blog, Perez Hilton, and Jossip. I’ll take Bricks and Stones any day.

8. Boobs attract more attention than anything else. I put 2 pictures right next to each other and the boob gets pressed 100-1. Heck even the girl bloggers are forced to put the bare naked ladies on their blogs to try and get men readers.

9. Options are risky. Last year I made 250K trading options. This year minus 50K. Ouch. Still and good 2 year return.

10. Buy and hold. This is the best strategy for me. It’s not as exciting as the day trading and the options but you won’t lose your ass and you’ll definitely beat the mutual funds if you do a little homework.

11. Ugly and Howard are nice guys. All the financial bloggers have turned out to be very nice people and I could list the names for pages and pages but these two stand out. They’ve both helped me out a bunch and hopefully I can help them out in the future.

12. I am lucky to have found my wife. I am not the best person in the world but I am a better person when I am with her.

13. Children complete you. I can’t imagine going through life without experiencing a child.

14. Older people have the knowledge. My trips to the senior center have been some of the best things I did in 2006. I learned getting old is not so bad and that they have knowledge that can’t be found in books.

15. I enjoy speaking to the masses. Everyone finds something that they do well and mine is being the center of attention. I found out this year that I just love being on TV and hosting a TV show. I am going to strive to get more TV work this year.

16. People get too involved in the minute to minute when they should be planning the future. Let others worry about the day to day. If you are truly “the man” you should guide and plan, not do.

17. Owning your own business is not 40 hours. Those who think being your own boss means playing lots of golf are watching our fathers and older business owners. You don’t want my life 8 months of the year.

18. There is no need to surf the net at work. I can’t believe how many people waste their day on the net at the expense of their employers. America is going downhill until this changes. NSFW. What the f does this mean. You should be working not looking at my site.

19. 21 year old girls no longer have an interest in me. The funny thing is no matter how old a man gets he still like the same age women. It is not true for the women. They like guys their own age….unless you have money and hair.

20. Gambling is for suckers. People that gamble in their 30’s have problems. I know options are gambling but you at least have a chance. No chance in casinos or sportsbook.

21. Internet names are like land. I’ve said it many times but figured it out even more in 2006. God makes more people but there are only so may .coms.

22. Digg will become just another social bookmarking site. Kevin Rose is the talent. Wherever he goes the people will follow. He is a god to Diggers.

23. If you want to build a good site, add good content. All the other site building things don’t matter if you don’t add stuff that someone will read. Sure you can tweak it but keeping it fresh is the best thing you can do.

24. I would rather have my computer than my TV. I bet there are plenty of other people that feel the same way.

25. And last but not least of the things I learned or realized in 2006. I spend way too much time on the computer.