It’s go time. While I have some time over the next few weeks I am going to do some major homework looking for stocks and leaps that are going to make me money short term and long term starting in 2007. I will also be looking for the following.

1. Stocks that don’t go the opposite way the minute I buy or sell them.

2. Stocks that don’t do what I originally wanted them to do the minute I close my position.

3. A broker that will shut me off the minute I have a good day trading and not allow me to give it all back.

4. A trading partner like Jim Cramer has to make sure that whatever stock I buy is touted until it gets where I want it.

5. A broker that sets my stops automatically for me on all the trades I feel I don’t need one one.

6. A backer to give me a few million dollars to trade with so I can “leverage” the trades I feel real comfortable about.

7. A brokerage account that will give me two “mulligans” per month for some of the mistakes
I will make

8. A stock that is not intimidated by analyst

9. A charting program that the computer beeps and screams out the name of a trading pattern that just occurred on the 30 minute chart with description of the pattern and what I should do about it.

10. Last but least a stock with No management. They just seem to screw things up.