There are a few things is this world that I can’t believe still exist. Most of them are me living in a bubble but others still exist because people don’t know any better.

1. Brokers lots of them: This is going to be a dying breed. Unless you have no idea how to use the internet they are worthless. It is OK to have a financial advisor but a broker is no longer needed. When my Dad said he was going to call his broker and make a trade I almost fell over. I asked to see the trade cost, $75. It’s crazy. Online trading is how everyone will trade. Brokers will be gone and they all will be renamed “financial advisors”

2. Options trading floor: There is no need for it. Open outcry will always exist as you do need some face to face trading in certain markets. Options are not one of them. Maybe in the SPX or OEX but otherwise I think the CBOE and other options floors will be gone in 10 years. As option trading increases in volume there will little reason for individuals to “make markets”. In will merely be an online trading platform or exchange.

3. Suzuki Forenza: I haven’t seen many of these on the road but every one I have seen has been missing the hubcaps. I know the warranty is good but Suzuki could be the worst car I have ever seen. There’s a niche that will buy these but they would be much better off with a few year old Honda Accord.

4. Land Line Phones: The only reason anyone has one anymore is in case of an emergency or for the internet. It is a waste of $50 each month and nobody ever uses it. Everyone will have cell phones that you place in a cradle that you can answer from any room.

5. Computer dust covers: People wanted to increase the life of their computer and keep it from getting dusty. I saw one in an office the other day and almost peed my pants. Computers are good for a few years and that’s it.

6. Overstock Commercials. The “Big O” was everywhere but it left them without any money. You will not be seeing any Overstock commercials for quite a long time.

7. Glass containers. Everything will be plastic. Plain and simple. Except for pickle jars. For some reason those have to stay glass.

8. Microsoft’s domination: It is coming to and end. Apple is taking over. Microsoft is no longer determining the progression of technology. Apple isn’t either but it is better received. Microsoft is a huge part of computers but that is decreasing every day. Just looking at who comes to this site and what computer they are using and what browser. Still mostly Microsoft but I am amazed how many Firefox and Apple users there are.

9. A video store on every corner. Netflix and Blockbuster and some new entries will do away with at least half of them.

10. Every non Superstore Grocery store: If we are not careful

11. Unions as we know them: They are not serving the purpose that they used to. The pay rates that most union workers are getting are not comparable to the task and training required. They will not be able to hold companies hostage for too many more years. The Northwest airline strike and NY transit strike were the turning point in union history IMHO.

These are of course all my opinion and some are quite obvious but feel free to comment on any of them or send me some of your thought on what will disappear soon and I’ll post them