The Wedding Day: It’s a moment that most girls have been dreaming about since they were young. They likely have a specific image in their head, and they’ll want to plan everything they can down to the smallest detail. So, as the groom, you might think that she’s got everything well in hand, and you’re free to frolic in premarital bliss until the big day, right? Wrong. The groom has his share of responsibilities, and there are plenty of things a groom should know that nobody has told you. That’s especially true if you want to have a very traditional wedding, but even for those rebellious non-traditionalists out there, you still need to know the tricks of the trade when it comes to being a good bridegroom. What kinds of things are we talking about? Well, dust off your cummerbund and get out your buttonholes, because you’re about to find out.

The Groom Pays, As Well. It’s pretty well known that the father of the bride pays for the wedding (thanks, Steve Martin!). But he’s paying for the ceremony and the hall and that type of stuff, and guess what? All the stuff that’s left over is supposed to be the responsibility of the groom and his family. Now, these hard-and-fast traditions have fallen a little bit by the wayside, but that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. In fact, did you know that the groom is supposed to be responsible for paying for the wedding rings (that’s a different ring than the engagement ring, guys) clothes rentals for yourself, the marriage license, the fee for the officiant (priest or justice of the peace), the bouquets for the bridal party, gifts for your groomsmen and ushers, and the honeymoon? That’s quite a bit of stuff, and don’t go looking to the father of the bride for that stuff, because he’s likely got his hands full with his daughter asking to rent the biggest hall at the nicest place in the state.

“Scheduling weekly or bi-weekly date nights are a great way to kick back and relieve stress while still making some planning progress. Don’t look at these nights as full-on wedding meetings, but rather an opportunity to check in on your progress.”
– Chris Easter, editor-in-chief of and author of “Be The Man”

The Best Man Needs The Best Gift. You don’t want to pick your best man lightly. This guy should be your best bud, and he should be up for the job of being the best man. He’s got plenty to do, especially when it comes to planning the pre-wedding festivities. He’s going to be working hard, but did you know that apart from getting all of your groomsmen a gift, you’re supposed to get your best man something extra special. For a guy who’s done so much for you, nothing is too good. Go out of your way to find something you know he’ll really like, because he’s mostly likely earned it!

You Need To Help Plan. As stated before, your bride is probably going to want to do the lion’s share of the planning. But don’t get complacent, because if you leave everything to her and don’t offer any input, you’re going to be in a world of hurt. Not only could this wedding end up being something out of your frilliest nightmares, but your bride might get the impression that you don’t care about the wedding. You need to be interested, so even if you don’t have much of an opinion to offer, make sure you’re by your bride’s side for most of the decision-making process.

The Bride And Groom Are Supposed To Exchange Gifts. It’s true, even after spending big bucks on a wedding ring and the wedding itself, tradition states that the bride and groom are supposed to exchange gifts on their wedding day. You should make it something sentimental and meaningful, but it may be a good idea to discuss spending limits with your lady. You don’t to receive a sweet Rolex while you hand your new wife a $25 gift card to Applebee’s.

Emotions Run High. Look, this day is really about the bride. She’s put a lot of time and effort into making this day really special not only for herself but also for you and all the guests. And during the course of all that planning, she’s bound to feel the enormous pressure bearing down on her. She might be a little tense, and she might get a little upset with you. If she turns into a full-on drama queen “Bridezilla,” maybe you should have thought twice before agreeing to marry her, but even the most reasonable women might get a little irritable. Exercise some patience and keep your cool, because once the wedding is behind you, both you can enjoy the real fun: the honeymoon!

-Stu Moody