I’m going to start a new series about things I’ve blown my money on that actually turned out to be a good buy. As we all know, we have that good trading day or week where we made some good cash and we blow our money on stupid things without thinking. Well, I’m going to introduce you to the things I’ve bought. I will try and concentrate on the good but of course I’ll have to talk about the bad as well. I have also NOT been paid for any of these reviews. I use them and like them, or don’t like them.

Mak’n Bacon

There are a few things in life I know are not good for me in quantity but I eat anyway. Bacon is one of them. I think man invented the microwave just to have crispier bacon and to be able to make faster popcorn. The pan bacon was terrible, just cooking in it’s own grease. It taste good but there are limits to where I’m going to take my body. I don’t mind clogging my arteries slowly but I don’t want to do it after one breakfast. Then came the microwave. I eventually learned from my wife to put 3 paper towels below AND above the cooking bacon to help take away the grease and keep the microwave from having a protective cover of grease all over the inside. This took my bacon to a whole new level. Crispy and salty will not too much cleanup. There was still a decent amount of cleanup but not too bad. Little did I know life could get even better in the bacon world.

As I’m going through the store I notice this little plastic device sitting there called Mak’n Bacon. The premise of the device was that you hung the bacon over the plastic “T”s and let them cook above a dish. This lets the grease fall down into the pan and keeps the bacon crispy. The second benefit is cleanup. You take off the bacon, pour the grease out of the plastic pan, take the Ts out and there is a holder for all of this that lets you put it all in the dishwasher.

Believe it or not, it works. I use it two or three times a week and the bacon comes out perfect every time. The only bacon that seems to cook wrong is the maple sugar bacon. I’m not sure why but it always burns on the outside and not done on the inside. I think it’s too thick and needs the grease to cook right. Other than that, it saves me time in the morning and make the perfect side dish to a pair of farm fresh eggs. After a mile run each morning, I don’t have much time and I need real food. Mak’n bacon gives me a quick grand slam breakfast. The best $12 I’ve spent this year.