A dog that can go to the fridge, open it, and get you a beer has been a much-sought-after level of companionship since the canine was first domesticated.  But they never could open the beer, until now.

The story behind the Bark4Beer dog collar bottle openers is almost as cool as the idea itself.  Here’s what inventor John Hornbeak says about it: "I went to Stanford, my business partner went to Berkeley (we’re 50/50 partners on this venture). We both graduated with business related degrees and went to work in the world of high finance and real estate development after graduation. 4 years later, when we were both at a pool party in San Diego, there was a cooler filled with Coronas and no bottle opener to be found. My buddy had a couple of his dogs running around and we thought, why couldn’t we have a bottle opener on one of the dogs? We initially thought the idea was ridiculous, a stupid idea thought up while drinking beers at a party, but then we thought of the Reef sandals that have the bottle opener on the bottom of them and were selling well at the time. If Reef can do it, why can’t we?" Buy yours here