We know summer has barely started and everything, but it’s time to start thinking about the college football season. Because it just came to our attention that we’re 100 days away from a game that’s going to be absolutely bonkers.

On Saturday, September 10, the Tennessee Volunteers will battle the Virginia Tech Hokies at Tennessee’s Bristol Motor Speedway, right on the border of Tennessee and Virginia. That’s right, THEY’RE GOING TO PLAY A FOOTBALL GAME ON THE INFIELD OF A NASCAR RACE TRACK!!!!

They’re expecting more than 150,000 fans, which will break the all-time college football attendance record. Take that, Michigan and Ohio State!

The game is set to break the all-time college football attendance record; they’re expecting more than 150,000 fans. (Take that, Michigan and Ohio State!) Also, Bristol Motor Speedway will host a concert the night before the game featuring Tennessee native son Kenny Chesney, along with The Band Perry and Old Dominion.

From the look of these artist renderings, it’s going to be quite a spectacle. There will be a huge JumboTron dangling over the field, connected to the stadium by four cables. (Sure hope they’re strong!) That’s probably how most of the fans will take in the gridiron action, via the JumboTron, since they will be a long way from the field, geographically speaking.


Which leads us to a bigger idea: Since these fans will be so far from the action and it will be difficult for them to stay involved and/or entertained, there needs to be something else for them to watch. And since they’re actually sitting inside a NASCAR stadium, hey, why not HOLD A NASCAR RACE AT THE SAME TIME?? This way fans could watch the football game, but during those long television timeouts (the game will be broadcast on ABC starting at 8pm ET) and instant replay reviews, they can turn their attention to the cars racing around the track at speeds in excess of 200 mph.

And for those of you saying, “Hey, wouldn’t that be super freakin’ dangerous?” The answer is, No, it would not be. Yes, there are a lot of gnarly car accidents in NASCAR, but they almost never extend to the grass infield inside the track.

While we’re spitballing ideas, they might also want to place a few Winnebagos on the football field that players have to avoid during the game–you know, to give the matchup that real NASCAR feel.

A live basketball game on top of the JumboTron wouldn’t hurt either.




Note: These last few photos were taken this week in New York, when officials from the game came to the Big Apple to promote the historic/crazy matchup.