Back in the ’90s, Land Rover built a now rare North American Specification (NAS) edition of their Land Rover Defender. And it was something special.

Today, it’s been totally revamped into what we believe might be the coolest convertible on the streets, the East Coast Defender NAS Edition, a bespoke badass. Modernized in-house at East Coast Defender, it’s got a fully rebuilt Rover 3.9L V8 fuel injected motor, high-performance LED lighting, BFGoodrich tires, upgraded disc brakes, stripped and re-trimmed interiors with sound-deadening and marine-grade carpet, as well as re-trimmed leather seats, and a revived four-speaker sound system with Bluetooth capability. This Land Rover Defender NAS is starting at $89,995, with optional accessories that include 18″ wheels, a slimline black roof rack, Masai rack ladder, a full-length roof light bar and an enhanced entertainment system—plus it can be repainted in your choice of color.

Check out the evolving iconic adventure vehicle in the photos below! The build time is 12 to 16 weeks in case you’re now wondering…