simon guthrie base jump

Ever think, “I really need to start living life instead of just floating through it.”

If so, then you’ll probably find this latest video installment for the Mercedes-Benz “Beyond the Action” film series inspiring.

This original short, called “Blink,” features BASE Jumper Simon Guthrie hopping into a Mercedes-Benz G-Class to break from a rather mundane everyday routine, then jumping off the edge of a waterfall in New Zealand with a parachute.

C’mon, if you know anything about Guthrie you know he isn’t going to drive to the top of a mountain just to admire the view. This guy lives for taking on adventures that most of us would probably consider insane.  But that’s the point of “Blink.” Regardless of what defines your personal boundaries, don’t be afraid to push life to the edge.

Of course, having a bad-ass sidekick like the G-Wagon to drive you there certainly helps!