So you need to cover up your macBook or macBook Pro. For a few reasons. One, you just know at some point you’re going to drop that thing on the ground shattering it into a million tiny pieces.

Or your water bottle in your bag is going to spill all over it, short-circuiting the thing. Or some jerk hits it with a hammer. There’s no telling what can happen. Also, if you’re traveling with it and leave it in your car for a potty break, as soon as the wrong person sees that famous Apple logo, it’s as good as gone. You need some insurance. How about a disguise that protects your laptop from all the aforementioned dangers AND looks damn cool doing it? The BookBook is what you’ve been looking for. The hardback leather case and padded interior work perfectly for absorbing hard blows, like the aforementioned uncalled for hammer, or the water looking to drown your baby. And besides that, it looks like an ancient important book of spells or something. And, no two BookBook are alike. Each one is hand crafted so you will for sure stand out. The BookBook comes in Classic Black or Vibrant Red and goes for $79.99. You can purchase one here.