Two years of interviewing wheelchair users and medical professionals seems like a lot. But it’s resulted in an evermore human-centered, customizable vehicle that’s well worth the time spent.

LayerLAB’s inaugural project, GO, is a made-to-measure 3D-printed consumer wheelchair designed to fit any lifestyle and is accommodating to a slew of disabilities. The custom form of the seat and foot-bay is driven by 3D digital data derived from mapping  users’ biometric information. Each wheelchair is therefore an accurate fit for the individual’s body shape, weight and disability, which ultimately reduces injury and increases comfort, flexibility and support. And like all tech these days, there’s an accompanying app that allows users to participate in the design process by specifying optional elements, patterns and colors before placing orders.

Check out the video below that shows this thing in some more detail. Because technology this cool deserves a closer look.

GO Wheelchair