A company called Always Innovating has unveiled a netbook that completely changes the way we’ll look at these adorable little travel mates.  And it will either blow the competition to smoldering smithereens, or crash gloriously like a badly-controlled rocketpack.

The most amazing thing about the Touchbook is that it’s got two parts – its screen is detachable.  This gives it 2 gigantic advantages (if it works) over its competition. 

The first is that you can pull the keyboard off and leave it behind so you have an ultraportable tablet.  The second, though, is that each half has its own battery.  So, when you connect them, the total battery life is somehow staggeringly upward of 10 to 15 hours!  Think about how good you could get at Minesweeper on your next flight to Equatorial Africa.

It’s got an 8GB microSD card for storage (keeps cost and weight down) and a 9.4-inch screen.  You can pre-order the netbook version for $400, or get just the tablet for $300. [Buy it]