Eager to know what’s going down in the world of hot chicks this week? We’ve got you covered with the week’s top news on babes, uber-babes and crazy hot mega uber-babes. If you’re not aware of the distinctions between those categories, then you definitely need this info. Read on…


Evangeline Lilly Fights Some Robots

Lost fans rejoice: Evangeline Lilly, your star-crush of six long seasons, is back in action. The green-eyed beauty—best known as the hottest chick on JJ Abrams’ enigmatic television brainchild—appears alongside Hugh Jackman in Real Steel, out this week. Will she bring her signature tomboyish appeal to the role? The overwhelming number of flannel shirts and power tools present in the film’s screenshots suggests yes.


Evan Rachel Wood Gets Political

Evan Rachel Wood is all grown up and trying her hand at the political game. She plays a campaign intern in The Ides of March, supporting a cast that features the likes of George Clooney, Ryan Gosling and Marisa Tomei. Can she stack up to that sort of talent? She’s Evan Rachel Wood, man. She dated Marilyn Manson. Girl can do anything.


Ashton Kutcher’s Alleged Mistress is 23, Blonde and Topless

Because being married to one of the world’s hottest cougars obviously isn’t enough for a big-time star like Ashton Kutcher, the guy allegedly went and slept with 23-year-old Sara Leal (right). The encounter reportedly took place at a late-night topless hot tub party in Kutcher’s Hard Rock Hotel suite in San Diego, California. Late-night topless hot tub party… Damn. Now we’re just jealous. Let’s change the subject.


Kate Upton Goes to the Circus

Model Kate Upton demonstrated her passion for role-playing dress-up sessions this week in a sexy photo shoot for the Lola Cruise Collection, whatever the hell that is. The shoot features Upton—and her flawless body—in a series of seductive poses staged before a circus-themed backdrop. If every circus was like this, maybe people would still actually go to the circus. Probably not, though. Clowns. Too creepy.