Social media is a strange thing no matter what corner of the world you find yourself. Take, for example, that stupid debate about what color the dress is. And have we really forgotten about planking (not the kind you do in the gym) already? Still, as regular readers of our intermittent column about the Eastern Imperium are finding out, the heartland of the Slavs does “strange” a bit differently than we do here in the land of the free and the home of the Whopper. This week’s study in Eurasian Byzantinism: Beautiful Girls and Shawarma.

It’s more or less exactly what it sounds like. The shawarma is a sandwich popular in the Arab world that has become a full-blown trend in Russia. And now, as a secondary trend, there’s this “Doner Girls” page on VKontakte (basically the Russian equivalent of Facebook, and you should only click that link if you have pretty robust security software on your computer) dedicated entirely to pictures of girls eating shawarma.

Lots and lots and lots of them.




We don’t recommend you try this on your next date. At least here in the West, women aren’t generally fans of having their picture taken while they eat.

Sexy? We’re not sure. But over 12,000 Russians and related people are following the page. Sure, it’s kind of phallic if you’re predisposed to thinking things are phallic.

Still, there are two kinds of people: Those who think that food is sexy and those who don’t. For the most part, it appears that Russians are in the former camp. A little odd by Occidental standards, sure, but we’re honestly more surprised that you can actually walk around Russia in shorts. The further we go down the rabbit hole of strange Russian trends, the less shocks us.