The soldiers in the beginning of “Iron Man” driving in the armored Hummer listening to AC/DC and screwing around like the brash pawns of Tony Stark that they are would’ve done well to have used this 1mm steel, armored boom box rather than the crappy drugstore version they had.

The Thodio A-Box stereo is built using an original, U.S. Army ammunition box from the 50s. These are the boxes that once shelled out the .50 cal rounds fipping over and through enemy combatants. Now you can use the same technology (plus a great deal of newer, audio-based tech) to crank out whatever awesome music you want. There are two models available: one with 2x 25 Watt amps, and another, larger model with 2 x 70 Watts. The heavier version even has woven Kevlar speakers which seems like overkill, but which we still love. Each A-Box is encased in 1mm steel, but insulted with a vibration damping material so it doesn’t sound like a firing machine gun is attached to your stereo when you’re truly rocking out. You can buy the light version for $339, or the heavy version for $457 at the company’s site.