This thing is supposed to be a blog so I thought I would write some quick notes of what I’m thinking going into the day each morning.

When you live in the midwest you expect it to be cold. It’s cold. A bone chilling -25 degrees below zero today . As I’ve said in the past, I would like to climb Mt. Everest where it can reach -100, so I have been walking outside to prepare for the expedition. I like to pretend I am conquering Everest despite the fact I am on the flattest place in the world and the air is rich in oxygen. My morning run has turned dangerous as well, so we skipped a couple days but made the unfortunate trek out for a 9 miler on Saturday. The wind picked up to 30 mph as we are running along open farmland. Not only dangerous but stupid. Only 1 guy died but he was one of our slower runners anyway. All kidding aside, I’ll be swimming much more over the next couple weeks. I have to use saline nasal spray because I froze the inside of my nose to the point of scarring in my last couple runs . All that and I still am putting on winter weight.

The Bears played just like I thought they would but hoped they wouldn’t. I’ll give Grossman one more year and then I am going to have to bench him. That is if he isn’t run out of town before next season

Intercontinental Exchange
hopefully will run today. I like the way it finished Friday and Goldman is pumping the thing like crazy.

I would like to thank everyone who has linked to my blog. This is a general thank you to all that have brought eyes to my little wandering site. I won’t name names because there are too many to thank. For those who have stolen some of my ideas and called them your own…that’s OK, because I do it all the time and that’s how the internet works anyway, doesn’t it?

The nursery is not going to be fun today. Cold outside, and the office tends to run a bit cold anyway. Usually cold when it’s 35 out that is. I have no idea how cold it will be on a day like today. I’m off and remember …What doesn’t kill you, makes you a bit stronger and usually causes chronic lingering pain.