Threadless started as a spunky little group of creatives putting independent art on t-shirts and getting them to the snarky masses. A noble goal to be sure, but one that many have attempted and few have succeeded in. However Threadless was able to pull it off by combing good art, hilarious quips, and a committed community. They pulled it off so well, in fact, that they’ve made it to their 10th anniversary.

To celebrate, they’re releasing their 10th anniversary book. What? Yeah. It’s a book that you can’t wear (unless you’re uniquely creative in your outfits) which tells the story of the company and features many of their most famous pieces. It makes for one helluva coffee table (or, if you lack one, back of toilet) book.

You can get it now for just $15, or you can wait a few weeks and purchase the $75 special hardcover edition with a sketchbook built in so that you can contribute to the site after soaking up some inspiration from past artists. Check it out in full at their site, here.