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We’re sure President Trump is proud of his “other” daughter today. Tiffany Trump is officially going to law school at Georgetown after graduating from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania. Even though she’s a taken lady these days, we can’t help but think of how much of a catch Tiff is. If she ever becomes single, we’re sure dudes will try to hop on that ASAP. Here’s why…

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1. She’s rich, duh.
Do we even need to mention this one? Her father is Donald freaking Trump. Not only is her papa the President of the United States right now but he’s got a bit of dough. Who wouldn’t want to date a broad with a loaded dad? Seriously.

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2. She doesn’t just need her daddy’s money. She’s got talent.
Not only does Tiffany come from money, but she makes her own cash, too. In 2014, she got into the whole singing thing, releasing a song called “Like a Bird.” She’s also modeled for Andrew Warren during New York Fashion Week. 

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3. She’s pretty hot.
We can see why Tiffany, whose mom is the still-foxy Marla Maples, would be picked as a model. She looks like an older, not strung-out Miley Cyrus. And unlike Miss Cyrus, we’re pretty sure Tiff keeps it classy. You haven’t heard anything bad or wild about this one, and that s**t would’ve come out during the election for sure (ahem, Bristol Palin).

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4. She’s super smart.
Who doesn’t want an intelligent woman? Obviously, Tiffany has some brains if she’s graduated from Penn and is now attending Georgetown. So not only does she have the looks, and the money, but she has a brain, too. Win!

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5. She has hot and famous friends.
If you aren’t staring at her, you can check out her smoke show and super rich friends instead. Did we mention they’re fellow heiresses and heirs, too? On Tiffany’s Instagram page, she shows off pics with pals like Kyra Kennedy, daughter of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Gaïa Matisse, great-great-granddaughter of artist Henri Matisse, and E.J. Johnson, the son of Magic Johnson. Not too shabby.

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