Tiger is good at a lot of things.  He can hit the long ball, he can get up and down, he’s great at the bump and run.  He handles his wood with aplomb and his putter with grace.  These jokes doing anything for you?

Anyway, one thing he is terrible at is cheating.  But, unlike getting around the golf course, you can get around town with a little more subtlety than Tiger now, thanks to TigerText.  TigerText is an iPhone application developed with cheaters in mind (hey, it happens to everybody sooner or later).  It works like this:  you text as many and varied racy and incendiary tidbits to your beloved mistress as your little heart desires.  She texts back and all is well.  Then, at a time period you designate, all traces of those texts (and your phone log) will be deleted by TigerText. It’ll be deleted from your mistress’s phone, too, so she can’t blackmail you once you’re famous.  What if you want to go back and reminisce?  They’ve got you covered there, too. All the deleted information is then stored in TigerText, where your nagging old lady can never find it.  Download it today, right here