It is pretty obvious Trader Daily doesn’t like Tim Sykes and Tim Sykes loves Tim Sykes. This comes across as I don’t like Tim but in actuality I do. He’s done everything I would like to do. He traded well, knew when to get out, was able to keep some of his money, and is a master of marketing. He really does know how to trade and is a genuinely nice guy . Is he better than everyone else? No. Is he better than most? Certainly. He was nice enough to send me his book An American Hedge Fund in advance and link to me from his website. Both were much appreciated. It was a great read and I would recommend it to others. Here’s where I have the problems

1. Trader Daily has gotten way too personal on their website over the last month
especially with this post

With apologies to self-proclaimed self-improvers the world over, you know a personal challenge is best kept between you and you. The whole world really doesn’t need to know all the painful details of how you plan to spruce up your image. But if you have to broadcast it like a total narcissist, you might as well make the challenge NOT last a decade (hello, Tim-Tim?).

It is the first time I can remember that a magazine personally attacked of a trader. No problem reporting on bad or losing trades, traders that lie, cheat or scam, or misrepresentation but Trader Daily has been just plain vicious. They put that on the front page. Leave it on the floor is all I have to say. I no longer read Trader Daily and I don’t promote it anymore on my site because of this childish behavior. Trader Daily is not a blog, it’s supposed to be a professional magazine.

2. Tim deserves much of the criticism he gets. He is an endless publicity hound. He needs to hire a PR firm to do the publicity instead him doing it all himself. He is worth watching on TV and he will be a great, informative, financial entertainer (yes there are such people). I just get tired of him telling me that. When he sent me the book I felt pretty honored that he would ask me to write a caption for the book. I thought, man I’m special. When I got the finished copy I realized he had asked the same thing from almost every blogger he knew. Again, his marketing is incredible, it has just lost the personal touch so he needs to turn it over to 3rd party and then step in when it needs to be personal. It is slowly turning into spam.

Again, I can’t say it enough. I think Tim is great and has a great career ahead of him. I’ve actually learned a lot from the fight between the two. I hope Tim has as well. As for Trader Daily, they are just like the bully that pushes every around in the 30 year Bond pit.