Transportation is limited in snowfall, unlike the warmer months when you can just take your bike out. But now you can transform your bike into a snowmobile with a Timbersled System to do just that.

The snow bike conversion kit allows you to convert your bike from dirt to snow and back again. The combination of a track, which mimics a tire for trail and hard pack riding, and a ski provides stability and efficient traction through all snow conditions. Plus, the Long Arm Convex Pivoting Suspension uses Front Flex Arm technology to keep your bike level in uneven terrain. Replete with custom-valved pro shocks, splined sprockets and a zero stretch chain, your bike will plow through ice and snow with no problem. Available in short track, long track and snow cross models, it also adds storage space, so you can bring along your winter gear.

Sure, this thing costs between $5,300 and $6,500, depending on which model you choose, but imagine taking a Harley around town in a blizzard. Exactly.