As I get older something has become very apparent to me. My time is worth more than I thought. I want to save money as much as the next guy and I try my best to keep costs down but there are only two ways to get more disposable income. Either I make more money, or I cut my expenses/liabilities. That’s about all I can do.

The most important part of the whole equation is all this must be accomplished in a given period of time. Everyone knows their value at work. They simply take what they make, divide it by the number of hours they put in and that’s how much their worth. Buy what about when you’re not at work?

To me it’s really no different. I know this is probably overkill but I am so busy with all my activities that I have to break down my hours and how I am going to spend them. Of course this isn’t exactly how it’s going to go and I don’t freak if things go different than my plan. I merely do it to figure out how much money I need to stray from schedule or pay for someone to do something for me. There are a few things that I HAVE to have when I’m not working.

1. Time with my daughter and wife
2. Time by myself to do whatever I want
3. Time to run
4. Plenty of sleep

The rest is up in the air

I will pay people to do things if something takes so long it will cut into those things. Many people reading this and saying, “it must be nice”. This is a luxury that is hard earned. You can either do things yourself around the house or you can pay someone to do them. I pay someone to do most of them for these reasons

1. I earn more at my job than the people I am paying to do the tasks so therefore I work longer each day so that I can pay someone to do things for me when I am not at work

2. It takes me 3 times longer to do the same task as a trained professional and they will do it right as compared to me who is going to jury rig it.

3. It will get done in a timely manner rather than waiting around for me to get to it

4. I never have the right tools anyway.

I’m not talking about doing the laundry or simple things around the house. I’m not that lazy. I’m talking about a thermocoupler in the furnace or a changing the water heater to in line heat. I am more than capable of doing these things but I’m not going to.

Many people say that they do certain tasks because they love to do it or they know what they are doing not to save money. I certainly do this as well. I am a nurseryman and love working in the yard. I have employees on the company payroll that will do all my yardwork at no cost to me but I would rather do it myself because I love it. The difference is when I see the a college professor pulling wire in his new home to save from having to pay the electrician. It took my neighbor two weeks to do something that the electricians could have done in a day. All at a savings of under a grand. If he would have gone and put in that extra time at work he probably could have paid for two electricians.

“I make a salary so no matter how many hours I work I get paid the same” That may be true but I guarantee you put in a few more hours each week that the reward will pay for the things you “sub out”. Of course you have to find good people to do the work at reasonable rates.

Clean the gutter, rake the yard, but next time you start a task that is above your head or you can pay someone else to do cheaply. Leave it alone, sub it out and enjoy your time. You can always make more money, but you’ll never get back time.