So far we know that 30 percent of Tinder users, both men and women, are married, which one—or many—might call cheating. A breach of trust, perhaps. But according to a new Tinder study, some guys think they deserve casual sex to compensate for a “breach of trust,” if their dates don’t show up looking as good as they did online. And, no, we’re not talking catfish-level lying—just camera angles and Valencia filters.

Researchers at Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK investigated how the dating app affects the nature of men’s relationships and intimacies. They found that many of their respondents believed that they have a “license to use women as they see fit” if their dates are less attractive than they had appeared in their profile photos. A press release on the research reveals some of the statements made by men in the study. One 29-year-old guy said that if a woman isn’t as attractive, slim or sporty as he had anticipated, he’ll “try to swerve if possible, or get something out of it.” Another 34-year-old said, “It is natural for human beings to take advantage of each other, and Tinder hasn’t changed this, but it has made it easier.” And a 36-year-old said, “It’s Tinder—I would say your chances of getting sex go up if a girl’s lied on her profile.”

We’re curious what women would say if they’d been asked what they’d do if their date showed up appearing less attractive. Maybe they’d give it a fair shot, or maybe they’d just order the most expensive item on the menu.