By Susan Hornik

Among the many things Charlie “Torpedo of Truth” Sheen claims to be “winning” at is hanging with “smokin’ hotties” like porn star Bree Olson. But is living with a porn star all it’s cracked up to be? We tracked down an expert source, MMA legend Tito Ortiz, who’s been with adult film legend Jenna Jameson for five years. Now retired from performing, she gave birth to the couple’s twin boys in 2009. Meanwhile, Ortiz recently opened Punishment Training Center. As Ortiz preps to face Ryan Bader at UFC 132 in July, we asked about his career, his brand and what life with the winner of more than 20 adult video awards is really like.

MADE MAN: As an MMA fighter, what does winning mean to you?
TITO ORTIZ: A win to me means the world. At the same time, losing actually means a little more. When you do lose, you learn from it. I’m a fighter at heart, but I’m a smart businessman. This sport is so new that I have so many marks to make. I was a kid who lived on the streets. I want to make sure that my family has great support. I have three boys I’ve got to take care of. I want to make sure my sons never go through the stuff I went through as a young kid.




MM: You just opened your own gym. What’s your next goal?
TO: I’d love to get a solid fight team together—Team Punishment. Then possibly license out Punishment Training Centers and go across the United States. I want to train the best guys possible and give the public the opportunity to come in and train in kickboxing, Muay Thai submission wrestling and Jiu Jitsu.

MM: You have a new product line, too.
TO: I just started Punishment Nutrition. It’s all the protein supplements I take, a combination from other brands that I put together. I train super hard. This type of product is perfect to recover quicker, to build muscle, and to lose fat. That’s the most important thing a fighter needs. And Punishment Athletics, my clothing company, has been around since 1999.

MM: Obviously your relationship with Jenna Jameson is ridiculously different than Charlie Sheen’s dalliances. Can you talk about it?
TO: When Jenna and I met, she was at the end of her porn career, she was done. She had retired and sold her company—she’s also a smart, articulate businesswoman. I fell in love with a woman who wasn’t a porn star. I didn’t see her as one at all. I think that’s a huge, huge difference. The relationship we have is pretty damn good. People can say as much as they want. They don’t know the girl I know, and I’m proud to call her my girl.

MM: What’s something surprising about your relationship?
TO: That we have a normal life like everybody else. It’s really great. We take care of our boys, and it’s a nice, normal family.

MM: Do you feel any jealousy when guys come up to her?
TO: Of course! I’m human. I get jealous. But I trust Jenna no matter what. So, I let her do her thing. It really doesn’t bother me, if I don’t think about it!



MM: On the flip side, it’s got to be a big turn-on, knowing men across the country go slack-jawed watching your wife work.
TO: I don’t think about it. I really, really don’t think about it. It never crosses my mind because when you say that, I’m trying to figure out a way to react to it and I have no reaction to it, because I don’t think about it.

MM: Guys talk about Jenna with such reverence. They just love her.
TO: What guy’s not going to like a beautiful, smart chick? I’m very proud of her and what we both have accomplished, having both come from hardship, it’s very wonderful to be where we are in life. We feel very blessed.

MM: So how does a guy get that type of girl?
TO: I think you just have to find the right one. Some are beautiful but ugly on the inside, and some are beautiful and beautiful on the inside. When I was a kid, growing up in gangs, respect was a huge value. When you have respect for the person, and you love them and you’d do anything for them, that’s when you find the best one.

MM: What’s something ordinary you guys fight about? Who will take out the trash?
TO: I would say watching TV. That’s a disagreement. She likes to watch her shows and I guess I have to watch them too…or I play Xbox!

MM: Any last words?
TO: When you date a girl, in the first week you’re with her, you go out of your way to make a good impression. But I think if you always treat her well like that, your relationship will be perfect. And you can never say that they’re beautiful enough. Compliments work very, very, very well. A woman always wants to hear how beautiful she is. Especially from a man who’s been with her for several years.


(Frequent contributor Susan Hornik also writes for Maxim and Health. She recently interviewed Hayden Panettiere for Made Man.)